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Lateral Epicondylitis

Exercise Videos to Help Lateral Epicondylitis

Full Grip with Putty

HOW TO: Place the putty in the palm of the involved hand. 

Make a full fist into the putty. Repeat.

Hold: 2 mintues

Times Per Week: 4

Wrist Extensor Stretch with Elbow Extended (Pronated Palm Down)

HOW TO: Extend your affected arm in front of you with the elbow straight, the back of your forearm facing up, and palm facing down. In this palm down elbow extended position, push down on your hand until you feel a stretch through your forearm. Then push your hand toward the right. Then push hand Hold for prescribed amount of time; repeat as prescribed by your Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Sets: 10 

Hold: 10 seconds

Times Per Week: 4

Eccentric Wrist Extension

HOW TO: Begin in a seated position with your forearm to be exercised resting parallel to the floor on a supportive surface palm towards the floor. Use your alternate hand to slowly lift your affected wrist towards the ceiling. Then remove your supporting hand and slowly lower your affected wrist back down towards the floor. Repeat as prescribed. Tip: Be sure to keep your forearm flush against the supporting surface.

Comments: You can use a can of soup or any other household item. Start at approx. 2lbs and work up in weight per your tolerance.


Reps: 15

Hold: 3 seconds

Times Per Week: 4

Forearm Supination & Pronation

HOW TO: Begin seated, and bend the elbow of the arm to be exercised to 90 degrees (right angle) on table and dumbbell in hand. Slowly turn your forearm upward as far as you can, so that your palm is facing upward. Then, turn your forearm downward so that your palm is facing downward. Repeat as indicated.


Comments: You can use a hammer for this exercise or any household item. Start with approx. 2lbs and work up in weight per your tolerance.



Reps: 15

Times Per Week: 4

Lateral Epicondylitis Massage

HOW TO: Place two fingers over the area of pain. Massage in a clockwise circle for 2 minutes, a counter-clockwise circle for two minutes, a vertical direction for 2 min. and a horizontal direction for 2 min.

Times Per Week: 4

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