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Shoulder Impingement


Shoulder Impingement

Subacromial impingement of the shoulder is a common cause of shoulder pain in individuals of all ages. Impingement is created when bones, joints, and other tissues compress important tendons that are responsible for moving the shoulder.


Subacromial impingement is common in individuals with a history of rotator cuff injury and/or sports-related injury and individuals experiencing degenerative changes of the shoulder joint.


Clinic Presentation:

You may experience pain in the affected shoulder that is worst with overhead movement, reaching out to the side, reaching behind the back, and lying on the affected side. Patients will present with limited range of motion, painful range of motion, weakness, and impaired scapular stability

Risk Factors:

Common risk factors leading to bursitis of the shoulder may include degenerative changes of the shoulder joint and frequent overhead activity.

Medical Management:

Shoulder impingement can be conservatively treated with physical therapy. Interventions will emphasize range of motion, strength, and shoulder/scapular stability.

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