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TRAZER: The Next Advancement in Concussion Rehabilitation, Sports Rehabilitation & Movement Sciences

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Generations Physical Therapy has officially partnered with TRAZER to provide the most current evidenced-based approach to the treatment of movement disorders.

TRAZER is a computer-based simulation that is utilized to assess, treat, and predict future injury potential in active individuals. Movement disorders are present in all ages and affects activities of daily living differently for each individual.

From an athlete’s perspective, a movement disorder could be secondary from a concussion, an ankle sprain, or a ligamentous injury (i.e. an ACL tear). In the working population, such a disorder of daily living could involve generalized knee pain, low back pain, or lower extremity weakness. These ailments could limit the ability to perform work duties. In an aging, senior population, such a person may notice a decrease in gait speed or difficulty with negotiating change in directions or moving around obstacles in the home, which may limit independence safely within the home or ambulating throughout the community.

With TRAZER, we are now able to simulate such functional environments with real time feedback via virtual reality. TRAZER offers our Doctors of Physical Therapy the ability to evaluate your exact directional deficit in regards to acceleration, such as getting up from a chair and initiating gait to deceleration, such as slowing down to reach an object while walking, or even the sudden change of direction while maintaining balance. Through assessment, we are able to prescribe an exercise plan that specifically addresses your needs to ensure a more functional and speedy recovery to ensure your safety and maximize your abilities. TRAZER also offers our physical therapists the ability to better communicate your exact outcomes with your referring physician via our custom outcome reports.

In regard to the athletic population mentioned above, TRAZER enhances injury prevention and concussion management through the ability to evaluate and compare your post-injury level of speed, verticality, and deceleration to a pre-injury baseline. A baseline movement screen offers our physical therapists an improved method to identify injury risk and provide a plan for you in specifics to injury prevention. This can be performed in clinic in a short amount of time. Specifically speaking to concussion sciences, Generations Physical Therapy first introduced concussion rehabilitation services in 2010 to the Tri-State and soon became the first credentialed ImPACT Center in our area. Since this time, our physical therapists have assisted in the evaluation and rehabilitation of hundreds of athletes throughout the Tri-State and became the trusted rehabilitation center in regard to concussion care. ImPACT, which is a computer based cognitive study, has served as the standard in evaluating cognitive performance in conjunction with physical examination. This standard in protocol allowed us to return our athletes back to the field of play efficiently, yet safely.

TRAZER now permits our physical therapists to perform cognitive evaluations during competitive movement drills, mimicking an athlete’s competitive environment. If you are looking for the safest alternative to returning back to your normal daily activities or returning to sport, ask one of our physical therapists how TRAZER may be beneficial to you!

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